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Sandals For All Seasons

The Original Sheepskin Sandal - Treat your feet all year long! Bonsai Sandals can be worn in the summer or winter and combine the total comfort of a sheepskin lined Ugg boot or clog with the casual freedom of a Rainbow-style leather flip flop.

  • Brown Bonsai SandalsBrown Bonsai Sandals
  • Blue Bonsai SandalsBlue Bonsai Sandals
  • Black Bonsai SandalsBlack Bonsai Sandals
  • Pink Bonsai SandalsPink Bonsai Sandals

Excellent Breathability Excellent

Natural Sheepskin Natural

Effective Insulation Effective

Dry & Clean Dry &

About Bonsai

Light Bulb

It was a chilly Northern California morning, and as usual, I was running late for class. I kicked off my comfy sheepskin slippers, but there would be no time for socks that day. I eyed my well-worn pair of sandals by the door, and with my eyes on my watch, my hand on the doorknob, and my bare, cold feet slipping into my flip flops, a light bulb went off: Why not combine a flip flop with a sheepskin slipper?


Well, I hunted around, and nobody had created such a thing before. So, I set out to try. A few months later, I had solved my little problem for myself, and as it turns out, for over 5,000 happy customers to date. Guess I wasn't the only one who wanted to wear flip flops no matter the season.


Bonsais support your feet in a few different ways. A pliable leather strap, robust arch support, supportive sole, and a thick layer of sheepskin means that your Bonsais will conform to the contours of your feet over time in a way that standard flip flops can't. The sole is initially stiff to maintain support over the life of the sandal, but gradually softens in specific areas as you break them in. The unique sheepskin footbed provides a second layer of comfort that molds to your feet.

Care Instructions

Care Instructions

Your Bonsais will last for a long time with the proper care. Matting of the sheepskin is a natural effect of the sandal molding to your foot. We recommend using a narrow and gentle vacuum to recharge your sheepskin. If heavily soiled, gently wash with a very small amount of Woolite and air dry. Use Ugg's sheepskin cleaner/conditioner if lightly soiled. If you keep your feet clean, your Bonsais will be too.


Q: Will Bonsais really stay clean? Don’t they get dirty quickly?
A: Unless you are walking on a dirt road, or your feet are soiled to begin with, the sandals will stay remarkably clean. The white sheepskin on our pink and blue model tends to turn a light brown, not grey or black.
Q: Can I wear the sandals in warm weather? Won't my feet get too warm?
A: Our testers wore Bonsais in 100 degree weather and 40 degree weather. Genuine sheepskin really does keep your feet cool in the summer. Sheepskin wicks away moisture, and the rise and fall of your feet as you walk ("flip flop style") allows the sheepskin to vent. The result? Surprisingly dry and comfortable feet. Try a pair yourself - your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Q: I usually wear a half-size. Should I order up or down a size?
A: As of November 2018, we suggest ordering UP if you are in between sizes.
Q: I want to buy a bunch of your sandals. Can I get a bulk discount?
A: Only if you send a really creative email to


Ready to buy? We have a 30 day money-back guarantee—if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, we’ll refund you the full price (less s&h).

New! Bonsai Sandals are now available in a wider size range in Mens, Womens, and Youth sizes!

Bonsai Sandals

Brown - Natural


Bonsai Sandals

Blue - Cream


Bonsai Sandals

Pink - Cream


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"Awesome sandals! It's like an Ugg and a Rainbow sandal got together and had a Bonsai!"

Danny R
Santa Cruz, CA

"Just a note to let you know how happy I am with my sandals. They are every bit as comfortable and easy to care for as advertised. Unfortunately the rest of the shoes in my closet are jealous and I fear for the Bonsai's life."

Darcy P
San Francisco, CA

"I wear my Bonsais at least two times a week and love them. Always get lots of comments when people see me walking around in them."

Michelle T
Arlington, VA

"I love my Bonsais! The sheepskin really does keep my feet warm, and now I can walk around in flip flops even though it's cold outside. Thanks for letting me stay such a lazy slacker!"

Steve P
Newport Beach, CA


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